For hedge cutting we have several machines available such as:

  • Long reach tractor-mounted side arm machines with 1.25m flail head and 8m reach from the tractor.
  • Long reach tractor-mounted circular saw which can extend the reach to 10m. The circular saw is the ideal machine for precision hedge cutting, coppicing and shaping of all types of hedges.
  • Heavy-duty Sheartrim (a reciprocating knife) for cutting material up to 100mm/4". Ideal for roadside work as it throws no debris, keeping road users and pedestrians safe.
  • 3m reciprocating knife cutter suitable for removing light growth from high side windbreaks/hedges. Ideal for conifer hedges.

We can also provide hedge cutting services using hand tools such as:

  • Hedge trimmers
  • Pole Saws
  • Chainsaws

Disposal of arisings

  • We can take the debris away or leave it on site
  • Flail it in situ
  • Put it through our wood chipper